3D render start-up Voxel Worlds launches in Europe


Washington DC-based proptech firm Voxel Worlds has launched its first European office in Dublin, Ireland.


The start-up specialises in 3D and virtual reality (VR) services for the real estate community.

'The move follows increasing demand from European clients, who are keener to utilise the photorealistic 3D renders,' says Voxel Worlds’ president and co-founder Max Agrad.

Agrad added that the firm was also looking to expand its product line.

'Our goal is to disrupt the real estate industry by creating new digital products that real estate developers can use to attract more clients,' he said. 'We are more than an interior design studio. Our goal is to build web and mobile apps that can help the sales team make higher conversions.

'The real estate industry is becoming more and more aware of the opportunities available out there. Obviously, virtual reality and augmented reality are no longer reserved for the defence or aerospace industry. We continue to bet on these technologies, and we predict that they will become commonplace in 2022. In fact, 2019 was a big year for us, as we delivered many immersive VR real estate projects.'

Voxel Worlds continues to partner up with industry disrupters such as French office developer M2DG, a company providing office space for multinational companies all over the world. The firm said it was launching a new site to speed delivery of its 3D services.

The start-up plans to court venture capital this year after exhibiting at several industry events such as OPTECH, an event organised by The National Multi-Family Housing Council (NMHC).

'The event was a real success for us because we got the feedback we desperately needed from industry leaders such as Brookfield Properties. It was a unique opportunity for us because we met both our potential clients and proptech VCs. The future look really bright for us,' Agrad concluded.