Peakside picks Quantrefy for ESG optimisation in the portfolio


Peakside Capital Advisors is now using the innovative software solution developed by Quantrefy for optimising the ESG performance in its portfolio as part of the manage-to-green strategy.


Peakside uses the software to generate recommendations for optimisation for each single asset. Quantrefy evaluates the asset data and calculates the different ESG performance indicators for Peakside. They include the GRESB rating (Global Benchmark for Real Assets), the ECORE score (ESG Circle of Real Estate) or the CRREM evaluation (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor). Climate risk and tenant satisfaction analyses can be mapped out by the tool, too. QUINN, the digital ESG assistant of Quantrefy, then offers specific recommendations for a course of action in order to optimise the ESG performance of Peakside’s assets.

The following implementation process of the recommended measures is also fully mapped out: The tool proposes suitable service providers and offers a comparison of terms and customer reviews as well as direct booking via the software.
Peakside additionally uses Quantrefy’s data flow management. The proptech thus supports the investment manager with data migration in order to simplify the integration of asset data. This includes, among other things, communication with external service providers.

Frank Schäfer, partner at Peakside, said: ‘We are specialists for value-add assets in Germany and have developed a clear manage-to-green approach as part of our active asset management strategies. Especially properties often stigmatised as ‘stranded assets‘ offer the best leverage in the fight against climate change – and at the same time the highest value-add potential in a competitive market. With Quantrefy, we have found the right tool to help us realise this strategy in an efficient and targeted manner.’

Justus Wiedemann, Founder and CEO of Quantrefy, added: ‘ESG-related topics are constantly gaining in importance. We can only measure sustainability in all its dimensions on the basis of continuous data analysis. Our tool additionally shows which steps need to be taken to achieve carbon neutrality and a sustainable real estate portfolio. We are looking forward to supporting Peakside in the optimisation of their properties.’